Monday, June 20, 2011

Nature's Way

Under the canopy of the trees. 
We pause to experience in nature's way and energy. It's calm peaceful energy matched with
the trickling of water over the rocks bring others to also enjoy.

I have decided to bring more of that space in my life.
This amazing frequency of nature brings me to earth and renourishs my being.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Some Spice in life

Nature illuminated
A little nature can open a lot of nature. 
I found Spice on Flicker, a very inspirational photographer.

Capturing the moment

Lady's Slipper 1
As time slips by some things don't change. Things that are essential are invisible to the eye. True friendship is like that and it can last a lifetime. My childhood friend took me away to see some forest magic that week.  We were truly gifted.

Back from the woods

Being in the woods brings a great balance to my life from the city. Change is a thing that through our life we see differently. Today I see change as energy flow. Everything is connected. It begins with the birthing, follows with the growth and then there is the decline for the awaiting end.